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Kassy's Questions for Characters:

October 28th, 2022: Sketchy Sky, Automated Andy and Defiant Drawer were only the first of 100 Characters Kassy met on a tough day back in September. Halloween and Holidays and Questions: Everything You Need to Know...

Kassy's bare feet engaged the soft, airy, foamy bubbles lingering at the water's edge. Her memo up on her phone, typing away, recalling the day, implementing their new strategies.

"Hey Sketch, while we've been deciphering my thoughts for the past 24 hours, it got me thinking."

"Yes?" Replied Sleepy Salamander.

Kassy didn't respond.

"Sketch gave me permission to respond while he is away."

Learn more about each Character's troubles, inspiring goals, ah ha moments, realizations, feelings they feel, want to feel, don't want to feel and what they do to acheive it all, with the help of their teammates, coworkers, new friends and Kassy.

"Waves rise and fall, lean on and into each other, crash, tumble and still make it to the shore, no matter their trouble." Sleepy Salamander

"Hi Sal. Love the tone of your voice as it reverberates off the crashing waves, very relaxing."

"This must be some request."

Kassy smiled and wondered if he could see her. She pressed send. "I imagine you have access to his files?"

"For a few more moments, yes."

"If you could upload it to The Daily Digital Dairy I will be indebted to you forever."

"And I shall except payment in weekly installments of a morning smile, preferably as the sun rises and sets and the earth shines."


Enamored by your Emotions. Electrified by your Enchantment

A quick question, quite essential

in a quaint and quiet setting

collaborating and engaging in

an exhilarating experiment

producing a problem

while rekindling a moment in time,

if i may be so captivated by your presence

as you seem to be in mine.

"That was beautiful. Please continue." Sketch whispered.

"Sketch? Are you ok? Where are you?"

"In my office." "In the sky?"

"Yes ma'am. I have an appointment with Complaining Carl."

"Oh no." "Don't worry. Everything is ok. We will be available shortly. Organizing a few new things."

She lifted her phone as if a glass at New Year's. "Here's to productivity. See you soon. I'm going in to read for a while."

No response. She wondered if they would chat before she fell sleep. Time past and her eyes closed. While in a dream she heard a voice, an older voice, but it didn't register other than the last female she spoke to was Defiant Desk Drawer.

"Good night Kassy." "Night Sketch."

Heading #1: Why Is This Topic So Important?

Heading #2: What are the Nuts and Bolts of Your Guide?


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