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Kassy Meets Sketchy Sky: Chapter 3

September 8th, 2022 Thursday: Evening Rains

"Nothing is objective. Everything is relevant." Sketchy Sky

Kassy Meets Sketchy Sky Chapter 3

All the voices were so far away but they weren’t annoying or causing panic and grief. They themselves were a mess, moreso than even she. In the distance they all began to seek answers.

“Why were you late getting home from school?”

“Where did you go after the art store?”

“How come you didn’t bring any new brushes?”

“She can hear you.”

“I, I meant to, but… Excuse me just a moment.”

She tiptoed over to her writing desk and all the voices stopped. As she opened a long drawer to find more paper, she heard laughter. Not the kind that bothered her or made fun of her but the kind that was softhearted and welcomed, a giggle, like when someone tickles you.

She felt energized, alive, inquisitive. “And you are?” She asked.

“Defiant Drawer. Pleasure to meet you. I am a compartment, but I do not store your information like others in here do. I help you compartmentalize. Compartmentalize contains the operative word mentalize, helping you utilize your mental state and releasing that which does not serve you and if you so wish, deconstruct and decipher and never duplicate, unless of course, you wish to create a file. Repetition on purpose in some instances is said to heal the soul, if of course you are ruminating on something therapeutic that wires you and those around you. Repeating anything is who you are.”

Repetition. Got that down pat.

She definitely lived in a repetitive world.

“Wires me. Yes, I am wired. Excited. Feel kind of smiley. Repetitive. I do think the same repetitive thoughts a lot but it’s not something I try to do.”

“Automated Andy here at your service.”

That voice sounded way closer than Desk Drawer and her face was practically touching the crevices in the wood.

Kassy grinned ear to ear wishing she could see a mouth move and pictured the throat clearing earlier, wondered where Sketchy Sky was located. He sounded a little muffled and then at the same time clear, like he had an echo. Maybe even outside the window or through surround sound speakers, like thunder in the distance. She stood and walked over to the window.

“Wow. It’s so dark out.” The storm was quiet now, lightning sporadically flickered but no thunder.

She turned to look at the door where another ghost blew softly in the cold wind, lifted and fell back quietly. “Who said ouch earlier?” The only light shining throughout her room bounced off the drifting trees.

What a beautiful moon.

“Waxing Gibbous.”

“Sketchy Sky? Is that you?”

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