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Contact: Steffanie Barger 
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Ideas Influence

455 Beaver Street

Forest City, NC 28043


Enter a State of Gratitude, Peace, Adventure

Snowy mountains, crisp sunrises, winter breezes, frozen waterfalls, apple cider, chocolate lava pies... North Carolina is in the air. Let us take you there.

100 New North Carolina Dishes named BY and AFTER...


You walk into a restaurant and order... The Steffanie? The Barger Burger? The Sauteed Mike? The Delicious David?

Visit ALL of North Carolina. Here's the route Steffanie would take.

Start from any point on the map, travel either direction. Take it one day or one decade at a time. Relax. Visit. Unwind.

"Influence the world with your ideas and watch the world inspire you." 

Favorite place to visit? New adventure to take on? Secret spot on a mountaintop? Scenic drive? View? Breakfast? Cabin? Creek? Trail?

All 100 North Carolina Counties are ready for your creativity.

Businesses, restaurants, shops, towns, communities, ready to inspire you to visit, to return, to build experiences and explore. 

Seeking a Particular Feeling?

Cozy, comfy, adventurous, exciting, grateful, loving, romantic, happy, warm, soul changing, inspirational, motivated, fearless and healthy? Hungry to intertwine thoughtful, generous, daring and heroic, full?

Create a Drink for these North Carolina Restaurants

Dessert Drinks to Breakfast Beverages

Add your personalized drink to the menu of a North Carolina Restaurant. Imagine walking into your favorite diner and ordering YOU. 

The Silly Steffanie

The Wacky Wilson

The Violet Valentine

The Juicy George

Build a dessert and share it with the world.

The Jaded Jasmine

Ever wanted to order a dreamy chocolate mint dessert at your favorite restaurant that you created and named but didn't have to prepare? North Carolina... all 100 counties are waiting for your creation. 

Crispy Carl

Construct an entire meal from beginning to fulfilling end.

Assemble a Dish Special

From starter to beverage to a fancy or quick dish, dessert and after meal drink! Restaurants are waiting for your delicious ideas to delve into!

The Caramel Carousel

The Attic Treasures

The Open Sea, Sand and Me

North Carolina Counties and Regions List

What area would you like to trek? Explore? Rejuvenate within? Counties Listed in Order and by Region as well as by Adventure and Feeling you wish to achieve.