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Steffanie's Reading List

"How to change a bad habit? Make it obsolete."

Steffanie's Empowerment List for 2021

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25 Books to Read this Week

Steffanie's Reading List

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Since I was a little girl I have been reading anything I could find. Under the covers at night a book would wait. "Goodnight hun. Get some sleep." I would smile. "Goodnight." Then turn on my lamp conveniently moved to the other side of the bed, less vibrant near the bedroom door. Every few seconds with a rhythm the airport's light would flash, slide across the walls, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, the ceiling a dim lit brilliance to enhance my reading experience.


First book ever read? After Goodnight Moon, Stuart Little, then Charlotte's Web, encyclopedias and dictionaries, then off to Stephen King, Carl Sagan, lined along mom's Library wall. I encourage you to read those first books again as an adult. After years of experiences and emotions felt, goals accomplished and connections made, aspirations halted and dreams lost, days passed, there is a childlike quality that comes alive again when we reread those first books we read as a child. That excitement for adventure and new comes back and if you don't do something about it, eventually haunts you.

Brendon Burchard

Shonda Rimes

Jesse Itzler

David Goggins

Eckhart Tolle

Dave Hollis

Jamie Kern Lima

Tony Robbins

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Matt Haig

Mark Divine

Jay Shetty

Gretchen Rubin

Oprah Winfrey

Joe Dispenza

Dr Mark Hyman

Jocko Willink

Dr Daniel Amen

Ben Greenfield

Dalai Lama

Deanna Minich

Mel Robbins

Ryan Holiday

James Clear

Seth Godin

Plus these three!

Norman Vincent Peale

Dave Asprey

Aubrey Marcus

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