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Steffanie's Mentors

From Brendon Burchard's beautiful way he supports us in his coaching to his books and the way Gabby ignites our insides with happiness and the way Eckhart Tolle invites us to peek inside our souls for more love, humanity and presence to 100's of mentors I've delved into since I was a little girl. It is time to become more human again, to let go of all that holds us back, to be kind to the world around us to inspire and be inspired, to experience, explore... love. Imagine, if you could change the world, your world, right now...

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Brendon Burchard is my favorite source for everything from inspiration, wisdom, business and entrepreneurial guidance to creativity. His perspective is a light, an immediate remedy to get out of any funk. Becoming more human and caring and full of life is something we can all focus on to change not only the world around us, but our own lives, moments, days, experiences, relationships. What if everything in our life became more vibrant! That's Brendon.

Steffanie's Mentor Blog

Spread a new emotional It's time we become more human.


TONY ROBBINS is an amazing person filled with SO much love, excitement, passion for living. 

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