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Contact: Steffanie Barger 
Email: idesinfluence@gmail.com

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Influence Pkg 3


(Plus Influence Pkg 1 and 2)

We create an amazing customer experience with your information, products, photos, any videos you wish to create. We help you do it all or we create for you. No social media presence at all? We can set all that up for you to take over after you learn the basics and we answer any questions of how important and vital social media is today.  



ONE WEEK of SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing, Ads, Promotions, Posts... Creating a customer experience, questions, challenges, building your sphere of influence, not selling your products or services. We give YOU the BLUE PRINT to take on yourself after Week 1!



One Hour

Prepare a list of questions or ask on the fly as we cover any new territory via phone, email or in person. Sometimes there is just that one little thing you need to learn or get past so you can advance into deeper goals. 


Ask Anything

Advertising, Marketing, Posting, Content, the How's and Why's, Tricks, Tips


30 Days of Email Questions!

Advancing and learning and got stuck on something? 

Ask us for 30 days!

Influence Package #3