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Contact: Steffanie Barger 
Email: ideasinfluence@gmail.com

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Ideas Influence

455 Beaver Street

Forest City, NC 28043


Influence Pkg 2


(Plus Influence Pkg 1)

Social Media Advertising

Marketing Ads on all of our mediums

24 Hours

Your story

Your quote(s)

Photos of you, your business, a service, a product, anything else we decide during our conversation on email or in person that is relevant, a sunrise or sunset to add to a quote. We do ALL Ad work, images, altering, creating. 


30 Minutes

In any topic related to Social Media Marketing

In person, email, on phone


Questions about timing of posts? What to post? What not to do? What you think you should do based on algorithms? What matters and what doesn't, for you, your target audience and your goals. Creating the ultimate customer experience is key. 


Let us show you what we can do for and with you for 24 hours. 

Influence Package #2