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Contact: Steffanie Barger 
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Ideas Influence

455 Beaver Street

Forest City, NC 28043


Be an Inspiration as a leader, as a good human being, as an employer, employee, as a coworker, as a family member, as customer service, as a parent, all the hats we wear. We can mentor the world and role model kindness. "Be the Cheer. Bring the Joy. Deliver Kindness."


We promote YOU for ONE HOUR on all of our mediums, social media to websites. You will get 100% of our amazing services, attention, support and marketing ads. What is marketing to us? Creating an amazing experience for anyone who comes into contact with Ideas Influence and YOU. 


We over deliver. (Give)

We put YOU where your target audience is. (Attention)

We help you bring your audience happy, laughter, thoughtful, authentic, sincere VALUE. (Value)   

Your job is excellent customer service. (Customer Experience)


Fill out via email, postal mail or in person. We will contact you ASAP:


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