Get inside HAPPY INSIDES Magazine, June Issue. As we reopen the world, let the world know about you.




1. What are your hours of operation? (days, times, is it back to normal or modified for now?)


2. Are you open for any or all of the following:Pick upDrive ThruCurbsideOutdoor seatingDining inAny other? (Example: Certain days or times of day dining in or pick up only)


3. (Optional) What are the new guidelines or suggestions for customers to follow as we enter the restaurant, dine, order, pay? (examples of social distancing, how many per table, max capacity, sanitizing stations, modified dining area or menu, anything that would be helpful to know before we arrive)


4. Location, address and anything that helps us locate you


5. Photo (Example: A photo of the restaurant, inside or out, employees, owner, manager, chef preparing a meal, serving a dessert, anything that links our brains to you)


6. If you would like to offer a free drink, coupon, or discount or if you already offer such and would like to advertise it, add that here.


7. Any links you would like us to add with your information so they can immediately visit you, (social media, website) see your menu or find a phone number, look at more photos.


8. Optional: Email, phone, any other contact information you would like to provide.


9. A customer favorite dish or employee favorite dish and perhaps why.


10. A recipe or cooking tip from the chef or owner or manager to create a more personalized feel. (Example: add certain spices, herbs, mix in a particular ingredient last, something up your sleeve that you don't usually give away) :D


Anything here can be modified to fit you and your restaurant. We truly appreciate you and hope to hear from you soon! We will get to work on your answers asap and send them back SAME DAY for review.


Take care and have a beautiful morning, afternoon and evening!


Sincerely, Steffanie

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