Restaurants Get Creative with Outdoor Dining

Streatery? Parklet? Ever heard of dining in the street? Parking Spaces? Sometimes the sidewalk just isn't enough. Cities are allowing restaurants to temporarily move into the streets, blocking off areas so we can dine outdoors. All over the world, they are adding chairs and tables, trellises, cheerful colored fencing, umbrellas, herbs in hanging baskets, flowers in containers and even inflatable floats to brighten and enhance the experience.

Building a temporary inviting space brings new meaning to parking spaces. It's one creative way of bringing people together safely. Outdoor dining is how some restaurants are adjusting and adapting to stay in business. Enjoy the outdoors. Spend a morning, afternoon or evening out with food, family and friends or bring a book, find a seat and have a drink.

Walk a trail, come downtown and grab a snack. Many cities are becoming less restrictive so we can support restaurants and eat outdoors. IN THE STREET! Ask your city about Streateries. See what you can come up with. It's happening all over the world.

Some are experimenting and others are reinventing and expanding their current Streateries for blocks and keeping them up through September or longer. Some cities may decide to make them more of a permanent thing! Difficulties and obstacles may set us back, but we can rethink, adjust, come together, find ways to move forward, create opportunities, use our imaginations and take detours, like say... Downtown, dining in the Street.

Look up Streatery and these cities to find examples. We'll be heading to a few near us this weekend to check them out. Here are a few:

Tampa, FL

Morganton, NC


Winston Salem, NC

Charlotte, NC

New York

Cincinnati, OH

Orlando, FL

Oklahoma City

search for Streateries near you and let us know how you like it! Spread the message and build community. Maybe help out the restaurants in your own town. Talk to your cities. See what's possible. Take photos! Here's one of my favorites:

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