How to Breathe in Positivity?

Updated: Jan 3

Congruency is your goal. Develop long lasting positivity by becoming aligned with your inner self.

Positivity Challenge: What if you view yourself as a broadcaster of positive energy with the responsibility of encouraging a stranger you run into today? A coworker with a frown, a boss with a problem that seems impossible to solve. What if you were the light? What if it was your responsibility to bring goodness to a situation, to show someone they are important, to shine the light on a friend? Listen to the world around you as you go about your day. What if for today, if only for today you were a secret broadcaster of positive energy? Smile. Now go out there and change the world.

“You are a broadcaster which comes with a great deal of power and responsibility." Michelle Gielan

Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan is one of my favorite go-to's for a jump start in creativity. How to pull this off? How to be happy amidst it all? When I need a jolt of inspiration I find the highlighted pages and the thoughts start churning, projects and strategies and where I'm being in consistent all start colliding and forming intertwining ideas and focused possibilities. From there I grab a notebook and begin writing down where I got off track, what I need to focus on next, what new book to delve into. NEW is exciting. The brain loves new. Find a new way to look at a situation, circumstance, mission, its symptoms, its root cause, a new outcome. What part of it feels stale? stagnant? Boring?

What can you do to broadcast positive energy? Share with us your ideas or what you did to bring light to another's day. Add a hashtag so we can find you. #happyinsides #positivity2021

Show Notes: Book: Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan

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"Congruency is Key"