Mentors I Breathe

What a year! But guess what? We can thrive through it, we can focus on the future. We can build, create, dream, plan for... anything. The world awaits. What do you want to feel today? How are you feeling? On a scale of 1 to 10 what emotion is up there bouncing around 11 most days and which ones have you not seen in forever?

Can we adapt and change and discover new ways to explore and experience life? Can we envision our days, our moments as beautiful, inspiring, loving, kind, happy and make it part of our intention to create that? What does a happy day look like for you? How will you make it happen? What do you want your days feel like?

We take a journey everyday, but do we feel it? We breathe in the air. Do we notice? The books we read... Ahhh the books we read... The moments we connect with strangers, family, coworkers, friends, our kids... are you truly engaging? Or are you just going through the motions? What is your day like? In the afternooon do you recall pleasant moments of your morning? In the evening do you connect with family and friends or journal about the funny moments of the afternoon? It is the moments we create and FEEL and let RESONATE within us, that give us hope or make us suffer.

What we FOCUS on inspires us to laugh, smile, take on the obstacles and endure the short term pains, take on the new tasks to get ahead, and see the problems as possibilities. Our perspective can change. Our smiles can bursts through our skin and our eyes can sparkle with a mysterious beautiful aura, our bodies can move with passion and love and zest for life. People can see your happy from the inside.

LIVING in the moment, feeling it, experiencing the goodness, seeing the miracles of the moment, no matter what life entails, giving it your all, looking to the future, dreaming again. We can begin 2021 with a zest for life! Happy! Breathe again. Here are 10 of my favorite sources of inspiration in every way, the most beautiful people in the world with hearts of gold and souls that lift you up. Just let them in. Let life in again. It's time to dream again. It's time to breathe. In. Out. Let go. You can feel free.

Brendon Burchard

Eckhart Tolle

Tony Robbins

Robin Sharma

Gary Vaynerchuk

Tom Bilyeu

Eric Thomas

Tim Ferriss

Jim Rohn

Mel Robbins

More to come with links and stories and articles and blogs, but for now, here is a list you can delve into... Whatever you do. Get started.