Dining in Gaston County, NC

Updated: Aug 18

July 26th, 2020 two cars from neighboring counties drove up to O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar where we met out in person for the first time in months. Hugs and smiles that are usually saved for holidays and 'travel safe, see you soon' moments were instantaneous. It was nice. O'Charley's is a favorite place for my mom. She LOVES their OOEY GOOEY CARAMEL PIE, a creamy caramel in a graham cracker crust topped with real whipped cream, milk chocolate shavings and pecans. (Cal 640)

They offer dine-in, take out and no contact delivery. As we approached the front doors we were met with a table of sanitizers and a note that advised the staff would meet us outside to escort us in and to wear our masks. We arrived at 3pm on purpose to beat the dinner crowd. It worked. There were a few scattered tables of families as the waitress walked us to our table. Everyone sported a mask unless they were eating. It was nice to finally get out and take in the scenery, experience family time away from home and enjoy a meal we didn't cook. The waiter was extremely helpful and kind and you could tell through his mask he was smiling.

The menu, filled with everything we needed on one throw away sheet:

TOP SHELF COMBO APPETIZER A plate loaded with our favorites - Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges, our famous Chicken Tenders and Overloaded Potato Skins. (Cal 1880)

Mom and my sister usually order an appetizer for dinner. I knew they would have a bite or two left over that perhaps they would share. I've been dining on broccoli, a slice of cheese dipped in hummus for weeks. I ordered and enjoyed the CLASSIC CHEESEBURGER topped with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. (Cal 1330) My little niece who is not little anymore and always the most amazing conversationalist, ordered mac n cheese. Dessert came and we talked and ate and someone mumbled with hand on belly, "I think I'm full." That face that screams, I should not have eaten one more bite but I'll have another. Beautiful moments <3

North Carolina Dining in Gaston County, NC

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