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Updated: Feb 12

Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield

Fitness, recovery, training, enhancing your brain power... I took so many notes I wrote a 'to do right now', book. How to implement? I eventually picked what I wanted to work on first. I started with nutrition. Begin at the beginning, I thought. One step at a time. Actually the first step was learning about his life experiences. Reading and researching about Ben Greenfield is BEYOND inspiring.

Instead of keeping a dictionary beside me, I kept Ben Greenfield's website up (search button) in case I ran across something (or a few somethings per page) that I was unfamiliar with (which I CRAVE and LOVE) like ATP and how the body produces energy, how the body replaces energy, the aerobic energy system, the glycolytic system, the phosphagen energy system and oh the joys of learning about mitochondria, the heart-brain connection, how to improve focus, creativity, decision making abilities, heart-rhythm coherence...

It's a breathtaking book filled with so much knowledge that is written for YOU. Every time I read a book I think about how well it's written, what their thoughts are, how they elaborate and dig deep. Ben Greenfield is an in-depth author who writes with passion and brilliance and experience and amazing education. I feel quite lucky to have come across his name, his podcast, articles and all the mentors, authors and branches into the unknown I've discovered through his work. Thank you.

Ben Greenfield's newest book, Boundless. I am currently listening to on audible whenever possible. If there is a such thing as an author who normally overdelivers, overdelivering even more, it's this guy. I can't fathom how many books are actually within this one book. All I can say is BUY IT, READ IT. NOW.

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