A Treasured Thread of Emails on Leadership

When you are searching your inbox to find that eye opening, short but influential, treasured thread of emails with Garry, wait for it... McFadden :) "I Am Homicide"

while sitting on your mother's beautiful plaid couch of most every color, in our family's cherished living room, reserved for moments of Christmastime and cheer and family dinners, long windows to my left, grand old ornate English accent mirror above and to my right, laptop on my lap, reading with awe and excitement. "He responded." I whisper out loud. Out of all the North Carolina Sheriffs I emailed on a Sunday afternoon, this amazing leader, Sheriff of Mecklenburg County NC, Gary McFadden responded immediately.

In response to "What is leadership to you?"


Leadership, as a Sheriff, is being driven by a cause and a belief that I can contribute in a meaningful way to my community and make a difference in the lives of those entrusted in my care, who are justice involved. Leadership is learning to be adaptable to whatever situation is presented to me and will always be part of my leadership skillset.

Also as a Leader, I must remind myself and clearly understanding ,that I will never be anyone else and no one else will ever be me. I will never win the battle of comparing myself with someone else.

I must stay strong and confident when things become challenging to ensure those around me, who may have doubt. I must know when to take action and know when not to. Finally, as a Leader I must understand and trust my intuition to move information from my subconscious mind to my conscious mind in order to be a truly effective, progressive leader.

Sheriff Garry L. McFadden

45th Sheriff of Mecklenburg County N.C. 700 East 4th Street Suite 100 Charlotte NC 28202

What is leadership to you? What can our leaders do today to lead us into a new year, a new way of thinking, help us mend and open our hearts and alter our thinking and build a better tomorrow? How can we grow as a country and each of us, as individuals, no matter our title, lead our sphere of influence into a better day?

Blog Notes: Garry McFadden, North Carolina Sheriff's Association "I am Homicide" Sneak Peak

Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office, Charlotte, North Carolina

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