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51 Ways to have Fun with Your Kids

Updated: Mar 16

Stuck at home? For say... Two weeks? This could be the best two weeks of your year. <3

1. Get excited together about new adventures to come! Create authentic, happy memories planning for the future, together. Sit down as a family and discuss anything that comes to mind. Take all suggestions seriously. Be critical of none. Make this the only rule. Anything goes. Write down all ideas. They can generate even more outrageous possibilities, that who knows, you might just be willing to take on. A trail on a mountainside? Waterfall seeking? See what comes to mind. You can take note of what's important to each person in your family when it comes to vacation planning. Throw in an art gallery tour you may not have created time for. Another way to generate ideas is to send everyone to a room to write. Time alone, to think and come up with their own ideas. Spread out all over the front porch, yard, kitchen. Sit outside in the sunlight together and just write. Set a timer. Or don't. Take a family walk together and discuss your favorites. See what you can come up with to make those adventures come true.

2. Boardgames! Battleship, ConnectFour, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, Monopoly. Sorry! We forget with all the technology and wifi that we can still sit around a boardgame and enjoy each other, listen, chat, be playful and caring and compete and just engage with one another. Bingo!

3. Cards! UNO! Rummy, Go Fish, Spades, Hearts. Look up new ones online. Go to the store and buy a deck of cards or a card game.

And don't forget there's always Tic Tac Toe! Dots (and boxes) and Hangman.

4. Take a family walk, talk, notice nature.

5. Go hiking. Anywhere. Blow bubbles!

6. Picnic! Pack a basket of homemade turkey and cheese sandwiches, homemade snacks and potato salad you made as a family. Let everyone have a say in what's for lunch!

7. In or near North Carolina? Find one of hundreds of waterfalls. Some are located on the side of the road like Shunkawauken Falls in Columbus, (Polk County) NC. https://www.hdcarolina.com/episode/shunkawauken-falls and Looking Glass Falls https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/nfsnc/specialplaces/?cid=stelprdb5188439 and visitor favorites here: https://www.romanticasheville.com/waterfalls.htm

8. Favorite family cookies? Bake them from scratch together or involved everyone in some way. Someone sets the timer, someone mixes, someone sets the table or the picnic on the floor or outside on the lawn. Get creative! It's not just the cookies, its the time spent together. Don't mentally be somewhere else. Be right there. With your family. In the present moment. Enjoy.

9. Clean out closets, the basement, dust the furniture, claw the cobwebs off the deck. Spring Clean! How to make this fun? Let the kids decide what needs cleaning and put them in charge of who does what. Even if they choose not to participate at first and only manage. Once they see you sweeping the porch, they will come help you! Give them ideas too. Maybe you would really like to pull weeds, cut grass or...

10. Plant seeds! Seeds are cheap. Create boxes above ground or in the house or dig in the dirt. It's that time of year. Watch your garden grow. You can have spices, herbs, lettuce, spinach, garlic, parsley, basil on hand planted with love.

11. Go camping. Create an indoor camping experience, or out by the house or literally find a lake or a camp ground and spend quality time together, hiking, walking, talking, reading, adventure seeking...

12. Read a book, together. Everyone chooses a book, whether it's the same one or five different ones. Read a page, pass it to the next person. Read 10 pages of that book then on to the next one!

13. Everyone is at home? School is out? Set up a lemonade stand! You can even promote it on Facebook, your personal page or (PLUG: we do that here at Ideas Influence for your business page) ask your children what kind of stand they want to create. Poster paper, pens, creating is the fun part! It's getting outside and feeling part of something, together. Or make it a family only event! Make freshly squeezed lemonade. Get out a boardgame and play, decide what the next meal will be. Together.

14. Bike ride

15. Roller Skating

16. Everyone choose a fear and find a way to get over it. Today.

17. What's the biggest decision you have to make this week? Next week? When school starts back? When you go back to work? Before a certain date? Today? Sit around and talk as a family. Ask questions, be patient, not critical. Just listen and talk. Get ideas from everyone and even if none of those ideas are workable, they could spark new ideas that are.

18. Visit an Organic Farm, pick fruits, veges, spices, plants to grow. Learn what to plant now and how.

19. Arts and crafts, make it fun, have a theme for 10 minutes or 2 or 30. Everybody gets to choose what kind of arts, paper, pencil, poetry, crayons, finger paints, playdoh, create a sentence with the letters of your name or utilize the alphabet in order, each person having the next letter and word. Andy's baking cured Dana's endless food grazing..

20. Go outside. In the rain, snow, sleet, sunshine. Walk, run, hike, bike, talk, listen, sit on the porch. Read, clean, sweep, wash the car... Get out side.

21. Take photos every day, upload to print or be printed, create a story with your photos. Draw the day. Create questions of the day, what did you enjoy the most about today? The least? What could we all work on? Do together in the future? What means the most to you? Create a question of the day, add photos to your stories.

22. Chalk! Get the chalk out, mess up the driveway. Design artwork, create flowers, draw people, play hopscotch or hangman or tic tac toe. Anything goes.

23. Science project! Wood project. Build a birdfeeder or buy a birdfeeder and birdseed to guide birds you've decided as a family you want to see more of in your yard. https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project-ideas/Chem_p110/chemistry/design-your-own-slime

24. Feed everything. Find a squirrel feeder. What kinds of bees and butterflies do you want to see? What types of plants do they need? Butterfly bushes to Phlox. https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/flowers-and-plants/flowers/butterfly-garden-flowers-pictures

25. Zoo!

26. Drive In Movie

27. Have breakfast for dinner. Don't forget to ask what the kids want, could be pancakes and sausage and Monopoly!

28. Blow up balloons and have a birthday party. Wrap items and write notes. Give your family members something of yours. Explain why it is now theirs.

29. Find toys and clothes in the house you can take to the homeless shelter.

30. Wear gloves and pick up litter around town, in the park, along your road.

31. Hand write letters to extended family members. Perhaps there are family members you only see on the holidays. Write them. Send them pictures. In the mail.

32. Tell each other what you see as their best qualities and why.

33. Swing! Find a swing and swing.

34. Make a collage of your dreams and goals. What do you want to happen tomorrow, next week, next year, 10 years from now. What do you want to be when you grow up?

35. Puzzles!! 10 piece for the kinds? 100 piece? 1000 piece for the whole family?

36. Scavenger Hunt! Create a map, send them out into the world. https://www.care.com/c/stories/3833/8-scavenger-hunt-ideas-for-kids/

37. Kite! Fly a kite!

38. Geology. Rocks. Find rocks nearby, especially in the creeks, rivers, lake nearby? Then research what kind they are, their names and all about them. https://geology.com/rocks/

39. Visit second hand stores and cheap magazines. Create pinboads, collages, art, vision boards, come up with ideas you never thought of before. Get out the scissors and tape and glue and tacks.

40. Go get ice cream! Make homemade ice cream.

41. Play hide and seek.

42. Tell scary stores. See who can tell the scariest. You could have a novelist in your family or a very good storyteller and not know it.

43. Go nature watching, plants, animals, insects, leaves, rocks, bees, learn names of trees. Search for new sounds. Close eyes. What do you hear?

44. Create Christmas lists for each other.

45. There's always family movies! Pick something everyone says yes to!

46. Everyone get dressed up and go out to eat, cook, or grill out, all fancy.

47. Make ice cream floats.

48. Cut or rip pieces of paper for each person to write a word. Make 10 or so of these, put them in a basket and everybody pulls one out each day. You have to try to incorporate that word into your entire day, or make it a game and do it for an hour or during dinner. Perhaps have a theme for the words like Gratitude, Happy, Love...

49. Learn magic tricks online and teach your kids or learn together.

50. Let your kids tell you what to do! Change roles for an hour. Let them be the parents. this could be quite fun for you!

51. Favorite: Be present. Be present in the moment. Thinking not of yesterday or tomorrow, but this moment. Right. Now... It's all we ever have. <3

Please send us your own ideas so we can create more ways to enjoy family time together. There's always something we didn't think of, can read and smile, realizing, yes! That's perfect!

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