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Influence the world with your ideas and watch the world inspire you.

Samples below, playing around with menus and social media messages, delivering goodness out into the world. Let us know what you need. When will you open? When can we eat? :D 

We help you get in touch with those who are so ready for you to reopen. We are starving. :D 

© 2020 Ideas Influence  

inspire the world with your ideas


Steffanie Barger 


Social Media?

Right: Valentine's Day Post.


Connect with your community, provide value, let us know your new or adjusted hours, procedure, days open, curb side service? Delivery? Take out? 

Instagram? Share a new recipe with us? We can do it all for you or give you ideas. We will help the world find you now and when... 


Stuck in our homes and studies and personal offices and outside in the yard while we plant flowers and seeds, sun on our decks, drink coffee on our porches, walk a trail we are thinking... When will my favorite restaurants reopen... :D

Got Instagram?

Messages of love and cheer, questions and thoughts to evoke emotion and challenge and connect with us. Need an online menu?

We create anything for you. Just let us know what you need us to do. 

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