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Visit 100 NC Counties

From the snowy mountains in winter to ocean sunrises in spring fall and summer. Crisp morning air to warm sultry breezes and everything in between. 

Grandfather Mountain NC Ideas Influence

What Feeling are you in the mood for?

We dream of places to visit that give us that special feeling. What feeling are you seeking?

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Ever Seen a Frozen Waterfall?

Crisp cool air, time seems to stop. Nature becomes more sparkling and vivid, quiet, intense, brighter. Clearer. Less traveled trails, no insects or snakes. Tucked into forests of trees are hundreds of North Carolina waterfalls. Scattered from Cherokee to Brevard and beyond, many beautifully frozen during colder months. Find out which are easy to find and 

Steffanie Barger South Mountain Waterfal

Something for Every Season in NC

Cozy winter on the beach, warm mountain air, cool breezes, colorful leaves, museums and art walks and hikes and ghost tours and nature trails and family picnics and sunny bike rides. Gardens and festivals and whatever feeling you are searching for, star gazing, sunrises and moonsets. North Carolina sports most anything in every season. 

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