Mentors Table of Contents

My buoy became my buoyancy! At 3:30am weeks after a trauma that shook my insides to their core, I remembered... I had a buoy. By 4am I'd strung together like a rescue rope thrown out to sea, words that inhaled and exhaled the real me. without having to jump aboard any boat to take me back to shore, without having to conform to others' perceptions or visions of what I am to be, I could swim with the fishes and be me. I had a mindset shift that allowed me to fill my lungs with congruency. A shift that embraced sincerity, authenticity and genuine love of the sea, taking initiative to set an intention, implement and be free. Alignment. That is to be the new me.

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Mentor Authors

Reaching for anything to lead me into a new strategic mindset, focused on becoming better at feeling what I want to feel, being who I need to be, realizing my capabilities, becoming an authentic aligned breathtaking human being, I found and keeping 

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My Mentors

My mentors enter the world of role model, willingly delving into the unknown, coming out better, stronger, more resilient, full of buoyancy and or growth, knowledge that is too needed in our world today to hold on to, cherish yes, withhold from us, no. My mentors ride deep dark waves so I don't have to... do it alone.

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Books, Podcasts and Lantern Letters

Books, books and more books. Since I was a little girl hiding books under my covers at night to read until the wee hours of the morning, I have been fascinated how people spill their hearts out, intrigue us, write to us, stay with us after we get close to Sherlock Holmes and Mitch Rapp and Dorothy. Whoever and where ever you read, imagine, someone wrote that for you.

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