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Your Wednesday Morning Love Letter

A Love Letter from ME to YOU

October 4, 2023


You never know who you heal with your words, your smile, your eyes. You never know what you prevent with a kind, genuine gesture with no strings attached, no agenda, no expectations.


You never know how you affected a stranger with your huge sincere smile. You never know how they will affect the next person they come into contact with DIFFERENTLY because of YOU.


Had you not been placed in their path with your happy heart, you will never know what that will look like. Had you not given them that tiny little dose of good energy they might have needed, you will never know who they would have affected in a different way. They may never really know why they felt better after they saw you and your smile, your genuine kindness.


We will never know all the people we touch with our hearts, our compassion, our love of other humans. Just keep creating good vibes, keep putting those heartfelt thoughts into the universe. 

Keep doing good things and the world will change in ways you will never know. 


Don't forget to double down on gratitude and all the things that make you SUPER happy. Give the world your good vibes. I promise, you won't run out. The world NEEDS you.Read this like 30 times. 

I wish you THE most good vibe day possible filled with extra love. 

And don't forget...

Whatever is eating you alive...



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