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Your Tuesday Morning Love Letter

A Love Letter from ME to YOU

Good Morning Amazing HUMAN BEING.

Let the world feel your grateful heart today. 
Be the reason people believe in goodness again. 

Double down on gratitude. Feel it in your heart, when you wake, when you open your eyes, cook a meal, chop vegetables, make eggs, pour a glasss of water. You are a gorgeous human being filled with SO much love. Give that to the world around you today. Give your heart to everything you do today, everything you touch. 


Let the world see your good vibes, pure intentions.  

Close your eyes and feel peacefulness.

Bring that to the world.


The world NEEDS you.

Read that like 30 times. 

I wish you THE most beautiful, grateful day. 

And don't forget...



Get Your Love Letter Every Day <3

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