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A Love Letter from me to you

A Love Letter from ME to YOU


Today is NO RULES DAY!


I am SO SUPER PUMPED that we are now in each other's world!

First, before anything:

Challenge of the DAY
Whatever makes you SUPER happy, on the regular, those little moments that happen and make you smile, notice them and...



And that thing you want to do... that thing you think about when you have a moment to think

don't forget that. 

Make time for one step toward that thing you want to do that you aren't doing yet.

What do you want to feel?

The key to my day turning around is noticing that I am feeling something I don't want to feel. Then I have to ask myself what is it that I WANT to feel. 

 What makes me SUPER HAPPY? What makes YOU super happy? When I feel a moment that just rocks, I try hard to not try too hard, but notice and just allow that moment to take place and feel it. We stopped feeling the day. We stopped feeling the moment and we focus on the next task.

Don't just let it go by, don't dismiss that really good thing that happens as the regular thing. That "Good morning" from friends and family and coworkers and customers and bosses and anyone at the grocery store or the gas station or that SMILE that lights up the room you get to be part of, FEEL THAT. Be that.

The tricky part. 

Noticing. Holding on it to and letting it go. And letting new happen.

Other things to let go: 

Oh yea I forgot, rule number one other than no rules today is LET IT ALL GO. Whatever is holding you back, LET IT GO.

If for today only!!! If for this moment ONLY!





No judging today

When you feel a jugment coming on in any way...

Let it go.


Let. It. Go.

How to counter balance all that negativity that happens throughout the day? Or even traffic?

Notice that it affects you.

Then immediately sit with it and let it go.

Then feel gratitude for something out there in the world.

You want to FEEL different you gotta do different.

GOOD. Happy. Vibrant. Joyous. Full of LIFE!

Commit to letting go.

Smile and let yourself feel good.

Bring that to the world.


The world NEEDS you.

You never know who you heal with your words, your smile, your eyes. You never know what you prevent with a kind, genuine gesture with no strings attached, no agenda, no expectations.


You never know how you affected a stranger with your huge sincere smile. Have you ever randomly been genuintely and positively affected by a stranger? I have.


You never know how they will affect the next person they come into contact with DIFFERENTLY because of YOU.


Had you not been placed in their path with your happy heart, you will never know what that will look like. Had you not given them that tiny little dose of good energy they might have needed, you will never know who they would have affected in a different way. They may never really know why they felt better after they saw you and your smile, your genuine kindness.


We will never know all the people we touch with our hearts, our compassion, our love of other humans. Just keep creating good vibes, keep putting those heartfelt thoughts into the universe. 

Keep doing good things and the world will change in ways you will never know. 


Don't forget to double down on gratitude and all the things that make you SUPER happy. Give the world your good vibes. I promise, you won't run out. The world NEEDS you.


Read this like 30 times. 

I wish you THE most good vibe day possible filled with extra love. 

And don't forget...

Whatever is eating you alive...


Maybe I'll see ya tomorrow.

Until then, wishing you a SUPER amazing day filled with LOTS of happy moments.

Love, Steff

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