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"Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see." Confucious

Welcome beautiful people! Find vibrant, inspirational quotes, word of the day, inspirational video and book of the week and 7 Day Challenges to take on. We are entering a New Decade! Let's prepare now and enter as our best selves. Toss out those old New Year's goals. Let's set new crazy, audacious intentions that ignite our soul. For previous videos, books and Challenges of the Week subscribe below. Muah!


Yes we are entering NEW YEAR. 

We are also entering a NEW DECADE! Plan your next 10 years not on your current skills, current situation or circumstances but on bold, big, audacious, crazy dreams. 

Begin. Write it out. Dedicate an entire WALL in your HOUSE! Need to build some momentum? Stick around...

High Performance Habits, by Brendon Burchard

An amazing book that uplifts and assembles your creativity and imagination into a structured swat team He is an influence in my own life, and a big ball of energy who truly wants the world to be a better place by becoming and influencing others to be our best selves. We are all leaders. We are all capable of being better humans and living and performing beyond that which aspire. You are not your circumstances. You are not only capable of what you are capable of today. What skill can you learn to live your dream life? To live a life where you are CONGRUENT

"Bring the Joy"

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