Name and Create New Holiday Dishes, Desserts, Drinks and Seasonal Entrees and everything in between. 

Is there an Art to naming a Dish?


Of course there is. What do you want the person ordering to feel? To sense? To gather from the name? A feeling of curiosity? "Mixed Mike Mountain!" Pleasure? "A Chill Chocolate Charlie." Create or name a dish or both. Send it in below!


Easy and Fun and Exciting! Get on the Menu! Order a Mellow Mike or a Dancin' David or a Banana Barger. Create and name a dish, dessert or drink! Send it in and we send it out to all the North Carolina restaurants updating and adding to their menus seeking new and fun ways to bring the community together, build relationships and offer new and exciting dishes created and named by YOU! 

Create a Dish

1. Choose a type of dish or dessert or drink to create

2. Enter your recipe below or in an email directly to OR

3. NAME a new dish that restaurants can add to their menu when they create a new dish OR

4. Both! 

  • Appetizers

  • Meat Dish

  • Fish

  • Vege Dish

  • Fruits

  • Salads

  • Children's Dishes

  • Entire Meal from Beginning to Fulfilling End

  • Beverages

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What Do You Love to Cook?

When choosing a dish to create or a name of a dish to add to a restaurant's menu, think of what you love to cook, love to eat when you dine in or out. Gather ideas from menus, from your heart, mind and soul. Think back to when you were younger. Did you ever come up with an awesome name for something? Like when you were 8?  Raspberries? As you traveled down I95 misreading the name of a far away commercial building? And began to construct the entire scene in your head? The menu, the music, the appeal?


Dress up Fish Tacos

Create a new wings sauce

Warm Winter Beverages

After Dinner Beverages

Spices and Herbs to add to meat and vege dishes

Pizza crust, types of toppings

Unique Desserts, chocolate, mint, mix of puddings and cakes and pies


After Dinner Drinks - Warm, cold, fruits and spices and herbs mix, hot teas to cocoas

Holiday Dishes - What holidays are approaching? Valentines, April Fools, Mothers and Fathers Day...

Birthday Meals

Kid's Desserts

Seasonal Desserts, Meals, Drinks - Winter, Spring, hot, cold, refreshing, soothing, comforting...

IDEAS! Send them in. We will create articles with you as you take on this challenge. How fun and exciting!



"I, Steffanie Barger, have tweaked my honey, cinnamon, butter, chocolate warm fried bananas until I feel they are different from anything I can order anywhere. I shall enter them with exact directions to get the results desired."