How Freeing that Should Be

When you are waiting to feel that amazing feeling and it doesn't come. When you hit that goal and the "Yea!" doesn't happen. What causes that?

How to fix it.

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Be a light in the darkness.

What works for me?

Taking chances, making decisions, writing gratitude notes, smiling at every one I meet, smiling at myself in the mirror, squeezing my face, eyes closed into the biggest goofiest smile possible first thing in the morning while still in bed and holding it while I think of at least ten positive feelings or words, ten squats, ten push ups, ten jumping jacks, water with lemon, add a random new tea bag with lemon or ginger, garden picked mint, a long warm shower thinking of nothing, while drying off and getting dressed focused on the day ahead, then writing, reading inspirational thoughts, sunshine through an open window, taking a walk, connecting with someone I love in some way, looking at my goals, reviewing what I will NOT do today. 

If only for today:

I will not complain, blame, gossip or allow negativity to interrupt my morning, afternoon or evening.