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2022 / 2023 

I promise to do, feel, be, create or become aware of at least one of the following each day from now until January 1st, 2023.


Feel grateful, show appreciation, rejuvenate, be encouraging, helpful, open to new ideas, courageous, understanding, determined, excited, brilliant, hold a meaningful conversation, uplift someone, hug a friend, smile at a stranger, hold the door open for another, listen deeper, take a chance, a little step toward my dreams, be hopeful, kind, generous, overdeliver, practice positive thinking, be intentional with my actions, behaviors and goals, notice when I complain, blame or become negative with no direction and redirect my attention, be consistent in my new tiny habits of love, spread joy, create new challenging habits, plan a perfect moment, treat others with respect, love myself, allow others to be, learn a new skill, journal, write, read inspirational books, do something new, feel vibrant, work out, walk in the woods, draw, design my future, be the happy in the room, feel like a role model, judge less, be confident and happy inside.

Sign up for The Happy Insides Challenge! Become an OG in July 2022 Only!

Together we will change the world! Thank you for being you!

Become an OG!

Become a Breathtaking Human Being. Imagine feeling vibrant, living each moment with excitement and joy and gratitude and love. Imagine changing the world around you at the same time. Imagine... creating a world where YOU are in control of your destiny, your time, your freedom, adventure and joy. Take the Happy Insides Challenge. Become an OG!


July 2022 ONLY

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