On those dark days, uninspired mornings, long hard afternoons when I think, "What am I doing all this for?" where do I turn? Who do I turn to? When I want to feel excited about the day, believe in my own abilities, inspired to skill up, endure, need a lift, jumpstart my morning, create a new habit that moves me forward and makes me happy, bring joy to others, remind myself why I am taking on a challenge, how to gain strength to find a solution to a problem, overcome an obstacle, build momentum, take a tiny step, recognize my accomplishments, do more, feel more, be more, excel to be my highest greatest most grateful self with willpower and determination and why I want this and how to cheer myself on.

Steffanie Barger

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Welcome to My Happy Place

Table of Contents:

Find a feeling you want to feel


Find a feeling you are tired of feeling and want to remove from your life


Find a new perspective on and old problem situation, circumstance

New Energy!

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"Confidence is not only your belief in your ability to figure things out, confidence is that sense of your own worth, your own ability, your own future." 

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Steffanie's Mentors

The Magic of Mentors

We can get caught up in the to do lists and everyone else's dreams and needs and goals at the expense of our own dreams, our family, our careers, at the expense of what matters to us. We can EASILY jump back up and gain a new rhythm, a new sense of worth, love, gratitude, peace. 

"We must feel the day again."

Brendon Burchard

"Show us your magic."

Robin Sharma

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