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Be a Dish! "The Steffanie Steak"

All the ways to create dishes and desserts and drinks and appetizers across North Carolina and name them below! All one hundred counties are participating. There are no rules. Only fun, exciting, mouth watering Jaded Jasmines and Munchin Mikes and Valentine Violets. Look for seasonal and holiday dishes too! 

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Name Your Favorite Dish

1. Are you really good at creating a chocolate mint hot cocoa? Know just the right temperature and herbs and spices to add to your family's favorite pineapple chicken dish? Does everyone smile and salivate when they see you enter their home during the holidays with your holiday brownies in hand? 

2. Name it. Send it in here and we will disperse it to all the North Carolina restaurants adding new dishes to their menus! The form we send you will have a place to write down particular restaurant names and addresses where YOU want to see your creation served  as well! 


Hometown, out of town, beach side pub, favorite vacation spot, bistro, fine dining or cafe so the next time you visit you can dine with family and friends while munching on Tanya's Tasty Tators or Mels Mountain View Veal. Anything goes. Create a dish, a cupcake, an icing, an after dinner drink, a salad dressing, an entire meal. <3    

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Create Menu Item Names for Dishes restaurants will churn out this year!

1. Are you really good at imagining and creating amazing names of businesses, marketing strategies, ideas, meals, babies, restaurant dishes? Perhaps odd spellings and double meanings and reasons for it all? Send in all of them! Whether there is a why or a random twist that popped in your mind during a drive or a dream, we will make sure every restaurant adding to their menu receives them!


In a future form, you will be able to add particular restaurants you deflinitey want to send your info to so that your favorite coffee or ice cream shop, local hangouts, favorite bistro or cafe you've visited and loved and wish to become part of will receive your ideas!

2. Send in all the names of dishes and creations for drinks, dressings, dishes, entrees, cupcakes, pies, ice cream creations, a slice of cake, a side dish of veges, fruits, salad, anything new and fun and exciting, romantic or sporty, sandwiches or Sandwishes? :D 

Send in names of teas, coffees, warm and cold beverages, pizzas and toppings and holiday dishes too! It's all up to you. Get as clever and witty and sweet and romantic and funny and local or foreign as you like! 

Get started!
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