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"Become the Happiest Person You Know."

Gabby! Bernstein

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Gabrielle Bernstein

My first introduction to Gabby Bernstein was October of 2018 when I found Spirit Junkie through another inspirational leader. There are forces within us we are unaware of that can immediately change our focus, our perspective, move us forward and into this bliss unable to be described until felt.


I've researched and sought books and mentors and that feeling deep inside since I first felt it years ago. This book took me back to that feeling while reading Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web under my covers. When my parents tucked me in, I had an adventure awaiting. Downstairs there were encyclopedias. In the family room behind the seating area lived a wall bookshelf, filled with stories and adventures. Names awaiting to be studied when the internet came rolling around. I try not to dwell on being internet free as a child, unable to sporadically search the world for more mentors, successful parents, couples, businesses, filled with that deep desire to challenge struggle and overcome weaknesses and live dreams. I always felt I was different. But we all are. I may not have delved into the right books if books at all had I been distracted with all the internet has to offer. It could have taken me away from what lie just behind the couch and downstairs by the fireplace. 

Gabby is a beautiful soul who cares deeply for others and helps us on our path to greatness. I crave a better 2021 for everyone. This book and all that she offers in her free mini courses give you a glimpse at what could be. We got this. You got this. This book is one of my favorites by her filled with ah ha moments that generate sparks in your soul. 


The Universe Has Your Back

And then I found The Universe Has Your Back <3

Gabby is amazing. Her words spark deep thought and encourage you to be your best self. There is an energy within her words, a genuine heartfelt yearning to better the world and ourselves. She is uplifting and whispers how to take steps in your own life to feel that zest for life, that energy. I feel a lightness when I flip through her words. That lightness lifts you up so you can see new, want more, aspire to live a better life, be a better human, for all those around you, including you.

May Cause Miracles

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstain is one of my all time favorites! Easy to implement, 40 day guidebook of little shifts you can make for radical changes. Sometimes we know what to do, we just need to tweak how we do it. This is a bedside, couchside, fireside keeper!

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker

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