Dave Hollis!

“…and when you can come to grips with of course, you are going to move toward the direction that you have cast the vision for at the expense of maintaining the happiness of all people in all places…”

My introduction to Dave Hollis

Anytime Brendon Burchard mentions a book he's read, what to read, who he follows or is friends with in the personal development world, I quickly pause and take note. Brendon and a few of his closest friends have created numerous LIVE three, four, five day events lasting two to five hours each filled with gold, inspiration and a passion to provide a wealth of knowledge in any area of life. In January of 2021 I watched nine days o

Brendon's High Performance Planners!

60 Days of magic installed in your brain, morning afternoon and evening. There is no personal planner or journal out there filled with so much personal power. 


It's not just a journal, it's a way of changing your life, directing your focus, bringing power to your day. There are questions to ask and thoughts to think and oh so much life to write... When you feel like this.


Plan your life! Prompts for morning mindset and evening review. Weekly high performance habits assessment! Align to long term goals and strategically think ahead. It's personal power like you've never encountered in a journal.

"Stay more focused. Measure what matters."

Healthy Morning


Yoga Self Care


Get fit. Enjoy Nature


Jogging Exercising Connecting


"Stay more focused. Measure what matters."

Plan your 2021. Plan your health each day, your energy, vibe, what matters to you. Put it on your calendar. Ask yourself questions every morning and build new habits that create inside you a zest for life. 2021 will be different. 

Full Year Supply

The Millionaire Messenger

by Brendon Burchard

I LOVE everything Brendon. His vibe that transforms your way of thinking in minutes, creates a desire in you to live your best life, to be the best human you can be, to strive for more, for you, for your family. What matters to you? Focus. It's time to dream again.

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