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Everything Brendon that I Believe in

All My Mentors

My very first introduction to Brendon

Life's Golden Ticket. I flipped open to a page randomly and was mesmerized, noticed an envelope in the back that advised to finish the book before opening. It's about second chances and a new life and FILLED with every emotion to pull you through to the end.

From this read, I found Brendon's leadership courses, hundreds of free Youtube videos, articles, blogs, social media pages, everything PUMPED with value and ideas and new ways of thinking. I was hooked. I began learning about myself more than ever before, what I really wanted, where I was stuck, how I could transform, little tweaks when conversing with others that gave me more insight and influence. Actionable steps to take, how to observe and not judge. How to request and not accuse. How to just free myself from inner burdens and live life with joy no matter what the situation. It is up to us to become who we are, who we want to be, who we know we can be. 

As my go to Mentor of all time, Brendon is a necessity. Speaking of necessity...


Habits that Change Your Life

High Performance Habits will change your life. It is a necessity. And so is the habit of necessity. Raising necessity is one of six high performance habits.


Seek Clarity. Generate Energy. Raise Necessity. Increase Productivity. Develop Influence. Demonstrate Courage.

I truly feel it is time for us to become better humans, to not only save the world and ourselves, but our future, the future of those who have not had a chance to grace us or this planet with their presence. I want to feel proud of who I am, what I stand for, my core values. What are they? I feel jolted. I feel a shift coming on. Not just outside in the world, but within.


The Motivation Manifesto

Years ago I ordered The Motivational Manifesto online which at the time came with a 12 week course. The power of his words, passion in his heart. He gives away so much for free, because he wants us to be good human beings. He wants us to transform lives, improve, gain the wisdom and confidence and make those tweaks to keep on trying. Imagine... if each of us ignited a spark in just one other human being and that human being activated a flicker of gratitude in another... What if we realized the power within us? Our own greatness? Ahe world becomes a better place because of... us. 

Brendon's High Performance Planners!

60 Days of magic installed in your brain, morning afternoon and evening. There is no personal planner or journal out there filled with so much personal power. 


It's not just a journal, it's a way of changing your life, directing your focus, bringing power to your day. There are questions to ask and thoughts to think and oh so much life to write... When you feel like this.


Plan your life! Prompts for morning mindset and evening review. Weekly high performance habits assessment! Align to long term goals and strategically think ahead. It's personal power like you've never encountered in a journal.

"Stay more focused. Measure what matters."





"Stay more focused. Measure what matters."

Plan your 2022, 2023! Plan your health each day, your energy, vibe, what matters to you. Put it on your calendar. Ask yourself questions every morning and build new habits that create inside you a zest for life. 2022, 2023 will be different. 

Full Year Supply

The Millionaire Messenger

by Brendon Burchard

I LOVE everything Brendon. His vibe that transforms your way of thinking in minutes, creates a desire in you to live your best life, to be the best human you can be, to strive for more, for you, for your family. What matters to you? Focus. It's time to dream again.

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