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Day 1

Feel Gratitude and...


Feel Grateful for this moment. 

Notice when you don't feel grateful for this moment.

Notice when you complain.

As you become aware of what you are thinking, feeling, wondering, how you are connecting with another human being and possibly judging, NOTICE.


Could you be judging yourself or others while they are just riding in their cars or walking or laughing? Take a moment. Just notice.

Every time you complain or judge in any way NOTICE. Then immediately wish them well, even if it's you you are judging.


Write down what you complain about. 

The list can be extensive! If you are just noticing for the first time. Notice when you judge yourself or another human being and alter that moment with a positive thought. A random thought that enters your mind:

"I hate that color car."


"The people inside seem happy."

Do this over and over and over.

Any new thought to combat and alter the negative thought.

It's like OH! I did it again, and then throw a positive twist on it.

Make it a game, a game you can win every single time.

The more you interrupt the negative immediate thoughts, the more happier thoughts become your first thoughts. The random happy thoughts become your NEW first thoughts and change your life. 

As you begin to notice any negative thought that arises, you may possibly become overwhelmed. Let it go. The goal is to become aware of negativity that is creating a path inside you so that you can alter it.


Feel gratitude for something every time you feel a negative vibe.

Celebrate yourself when you do.

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