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Visit all 100 Counties of North Carolina

Snowy mountains, crisp sunrises, winter breezes, frozen waterfalls... North Carolina is in the air.

Find a feeling,

...an adventure, excitement or a cozy fireplace overlooking the mountains while dining or in slumber. Snowy mountains, rivers, creeks, cabins, gem mining, bears, fish, sand and ocean breezes and anything in between. 

Countless Ways to Explore! Pick a county and jump in. Pick an idea, a feeling, a sport, a hobby, a type of adventure. Take on the Visit All North Carolina's 100 Counties Challenge <3

Visit all 100 Counties in North Carolina

Frozen Waterfalls to warm, cozy dinners by the fire.

Ski slopes to ocean views, mountain hikes to gorgeous morning sunrises. Find a feeling, find a county, find your happy.